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The Entangled Charger

A funny incident happened to me this week.

So I was using my laptop and the battery was about to die. I connected the laptop with the charger(smart move) however the wire was horribly tangled. There were several knots due to which the effective length of the charger decreased. It could barely make it to the charging port.

I knew if I untangle the charger, it would have easily reached the laptop yet I didn’t.


Probably laziness.

Yes! there was a slight inconvenience (I had to sit almost on the edge of the table), however, the laptop was charging. Problem solved.

Eventually the inevitable happened, the laptop fell due to the tension on the charging wire.

Knowing my luck I could sense something like that was on the cards. Frankly, somewhere in my mind, I knew it will fall, but then again laziness.

The point is we all are like that entangled charger. We try to do the bare minimum to survive maybe because of laziness or procrastination.

If we undo the knots which may be indecisiveness, indecisions, fear, self-distrust, insecurities, and so on, we will fare much better in life.

All of us have the potential to accomplish our wildest dreams, we just need to increase our effective length.

I know dealing with the knots is a tedious task but it’s much better than living a life in continual vertigo.

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